Friday, May 4, 2007

The Name Game

We're making progress on the issue of naming the baby. Paul and I both agree that we will not likely keep Tihun as her first name. I hate to say this, but I just can't warm up to it. Sorry, Tihun's first mom. That being said, we are also moving away from giving her an "American" first name. Our daughter is Ethiopian, and we treasure that fact and want her to as well. I do not want her to grow up believing that her Ethiopian heritage was one we wanted to disguise or downplay by giving her an American name.

In Ethiopia, mothers choose names based on meaning. I think this is a beautiful tradition, and is one I have decided to use in choosing a name for our baby. I looked over a list of Ethiopian girls names and their meanings, and ran my favorites by Paul. I'll be honest: my search involved finding a name that had significant meaning but was also fairly easy for us Euro-Americans to pronounce. At the top of my list is the name Meron. It means "gift from God," which seems awfully relevant. It also sounds pretty. Paul agrees, and we've both been playing with it to see if it feels right. Eliana's verdict was immediate - she doesn't care for it at all and got a little upset when I proposed it. The good news is that Eliana will survive and will likely resign herself one day to the fact that her sister is not called Isabelle.

So today our new daughter's name is Meron Tihun Bly. Stay tuned for updates.


Susy Q said...


My name is Susanna and I am fifteen years old (maybe you recognize me from the forum?) I just wanted to congratulate you on your adoption- you all must be so excited!

I know how hard it is coming up with a name. It took my family weeks to settle on one for my little sis! We eventually decided to keep her Ethiopian name, Eraye, as her middle name, and give her the first name of Sasha. As much as we really liked the name Eraye, we thought it sounded all the more pretty following Sasha. Meron is such a pretty name, though- Ethiopian, but simple and easy to pronounce!

Congratulations again and I can't wait to read more!

Big Sis to two bio brothers and one sister from Ethiopia

Brooke said...

The name thing was hard for us too. We put our daughter's picture on the wall and when we walked by it we would use the name in a sentence like we were talking to her. :) Ridiculous I know! I really like Meron!