Thursday, May 17, 2007

An update on my baby girl

Kristina, our beloved social worker at Children's Home, sent us an update on Tihun. She is gaining weight, her ear infection is gone, and she is rolling over on her own. These may seem like little things to the casual observer, but to me they were huge. It means that she is healthy, that her body can fight off infections, and her brain is developing pretty much on track.

And yet, part of me is not happy. Part of me is really, really unhappy. And why is that, you ask? I am not the one observing the progress. I should be the one seeing her roll from back to front for the first time! I should be the one noting that her personality is "playful"! I should be the one putting medicine in her ears or giving her antibiotics, and holding her in my arms when she is fussing! Me me me!!! Given my tendencies toward control-freakishness, it's a major challenge for me - to put it mildly - to have a child that is thousands of miles away.

I now have to take a moment to share with you all a great quote from Eliana, who thus far has been woefully neglected in this blog. She was sitting on the floor putting on her sandals, and I was standing a few feet away. She looked up at me and said, "Wow, Mom, you're tall!" I replied, "You're right, I am pretty tall." Then she says, "You're taller than Jesus!"

Don't ask me where that came from, because I have no idea.

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