Monday, June 25, 2007

Hallelujah, WE HAVE A TRAVEL DATE!!!

Yes, it really has happened. Meron Tihun Bly is really ours, officially, as of today. Which means I can post a picture of her here on our blog. I have to say, I was starting to think that it wasn't ever going to happen. Maybe that's the side of effect of being an actor. I'm used to leaving an audition feeling pretty good(well, sometimes), followed by increased excitement, great anticipation, and then interminable silence. Where I come from, sometimes the phone never rings. And so you learn to cope by assuming it won't ring, planning on it even, thinking that the rejection will hurt a little less in the end. I think I went into that mode here. I coped with the lack of calls from Kristina by deciding that it wasn't going to happen, that they cast someone else in the role of Meron Tihun's mom, and I should just prepare myself for that. Of course, I knew that wasn't the case, intellectually, but I honestly had to remind myself of that on numerous occasions.

Today, however, was the worst. Kristina had told us our case would be heard today, that it would most likely go through, and by 10:30 this morning I was having to consciously remind myself to breathe. When the phone rang at 11:15, however, I did not jump up and down screaming with joy as I had anticipated. Instead, I continued to feel cautious, guarded almost, as though I could not quite allow myself to feel the full excitement of what had just transpired: my baby was my baby, and I will see her 3 weeks from Thursday. My guess is that this inability to allow myself entry into a happy place might explain why it took me another 5 hours to finalize travel plans. I'm not one to dawdle on such things, and 5 hours in Terri Time is like 8 years for those who approach life with more spontenaity. But now hotel and air travel are booked. The clock is officially ticking.

By the way, tune in later this week to find out if we bought a new house.

Was that the blog version of a cliffhanger?

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