Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All's well that ends well

First, I should point out that we leave for Ethiopia one week from tomorrow. Sheesh! I cannot wait to meet my baby. I also cannot believe how much I have to do before next Thursday.

Why do I have so much to do, you ask?

Because we are getting The House!!! After all of that up and down craziness: no it's not your house, yes it's your house, ummm sorry it's not your house...there has been a miracle. The aluminum wiring was housed in conduit. This is a rare and beautiful thing, and it means that rewiring the house is not going to be an impossible - or even a major - project. It will take 3 days, and the cost is pretty reasonable.

There is a theory in psychology asserting that you appreciate something more if you have to work for it. That's why fraternities and sororities go through all of that rush nonsense. Once you've been to hell and back to get something, you're going to value it all that much more once you have it. I guess that means that I will love this house with all of my heart for a very long time.

I have to include what in my opinion is the loveliest part of the whole debacle. This morning we met the owners of The House. They asked if they could be home during the electrician's visit, and we said yes. After the electrician and our realtor left, they asked us to stay and chat about the situation (against their realtor's strict orders), and it was one of the most enjoyable hours I have ever spent. They are the nicest, funniest, most lovable couple ever. I would like to adopt them as my grandparents (to my real grandma and grandpa: I love you both dearly and have no intention of replacing you. I see this more as an addition of grandparents, not a substitution). We got along famously, exchanged phone numbers, and came up with the game plan for taking care of everything that needed to be done so that we could buy the house. Just don't tell their realtor that we did all of that. They are insisting on paying for the rewiring. We said that we would do it, but to them it is a matter of pride and "ethics." They apparently had no idea that the aluminum wiring was an issue and that is why it wasn't written down anywhere. They wanted to make it clear to us that they hadn't been trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, and even got a little emotional as they told us that they were sorry that this whole thing had to be dealt with. Frankly, I'm thrilled, because had it not been an issue, the other buyers would now have the house.

In the end, it all worked out perfectly. Call it a miracle, call it a meant-to-be moment, whatever. We got the house.

Holy crap. That means I have a house to sell - a messy, cluttered house. Gotta run.

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