Saturday, July 14, 2007

Five days and packing

We leave in five days. We spent much of today packing - you should see our list. Three pages, single spaced, complete with every rash cream, diarrhea medication, and baby item you can think of. It's like we're moving there. Four large suitcases packed with a few things for us, and a million things for our baby and a bunch of other babies waiting for their families.

I have to tell you, there's something very strange about packing for a baby you've never met before. We're packing toys, clothing, baby lotions, things we've packed before, but feeling totally clueless. With Eliana we knew what her needs were. We knew what to pack for long plane rides, because we knew what sort of baby she was, where she was at with eating solids, how many diapers she'd likely go through, and what kind of toys kept her entertained (answer: none). At the very least, we knew what size clothing she wore. With Meron, we know none of these things. Sure, we have her most recent measurements - 14 lbs and 24 inches, in case you're wondering - but we're just assuming she wears 3-6 month clothing, because that's what Eliana wore when those were her measurements. We don't actually know.

It's also very strange to get on a plane, fly around for 24 hours, and then meet your baby. We're going to meet this little tiny person who's been on the planet for 8 months, without us, and she's going to be our daughter. She'll be placed in our arms as a stranger, and yet we are expected to become instant parents to this child. I guess it's not entirely different than when Eliana was born. I had a big tummy, I was put under general anesthesia, and when I woke up my tummy was slightly smaller and they handed me a miniscule person who was the color of cheese popcorn. She was jaundiced, in case you're wondering about that last part. I was expected to know what to do with her, and failed at every turn. Maybe that's why I'm so nervous about going to fetch a child who's had 8 months to develop likes and dislikes, opinions, and preferences. Eliana seemed to have all of these things the minute she was forced to exit my womb, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were. How can I possibly do a better job with a baby who's been around enough to legitimately have these things?!

In any case, the suitcases are packed, the toys have been cleaned off, and she has at least 25 onesies to poop through. I think we're set.

I have to briefly tout my victorious adventure in frugality today. I purchased 5 pieces of furniture for Eliana's room off of Craigslist! It's great stuff, and I'm so proud of myself for getting it on the cheap. She has a dresser, two nightstands, a trunk, a mirror, and then a queen sized headboard for the future guest room, all for $300!! Repeat reuse recycle, I always, since this morning.

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