Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Things are gonna get hairy

I may have to take a bit of hiatus from my beloved blog for a week or two. I'm still going to post some pictures very soon, possibly tomorrow, but that may be all I have time for until our house goes on the market.

I'm sitting on my couch watching the continuous coverage of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. What a horrifying event, so surreal to think that it's only a few short miles from my house, and that I drive over that bridge numerous times every week. In other words, it really could have been us. What a fragile thing life is, and how quickly it can be taken away.

We learned about the tragedy immediately after our realtor, Mike, left us with a mind-numbing list of things we need to do before putting the house on the market. What a ridiculous thing selling one's house has become. The "stager" (the woman who creates false impressions of a house using rented furniture and wants us to pretend that children don't actually live in the house, or that if they do, they spend their days sitting in quaint chairs near the fireplace reading Chicken Soup for the Soul) has all sorts of ideas regarding what all needs to happen to the house to get it ready for sale. Some of her points are valid, and some are simply unnecessary. I'm sorry, potential buyer, if you don't like my red love seat, but hey, you don't get to keep it anyway, so put on your imagination hat and picture my family room without it. I think it looks cool. Clearly I'm a little defensive when someone suggests I should take my furniture out of my house and put rented crap in it, but I think we have nice furniture and I have no intention of renting something else. All in all, Mike thinks we may end up coughing up close to $5000 getting the house ready. God, where did I put my Xanax?

Enough about stupid house crap. I only included it to explain why I may not be posting as much for the next couple of weeks, as most of my free time will be spent boxing up books, painting walls, and removing any trace of family living.

On to more interesting topics. Both of my girls are exceeding expectations, I am proud to announce. Many people have been asking about Eliana and how she is doing with the new addition to the family. She is doing amazingly well. Truly, she has risen to the occasion and is officially my big girl. Meron adores her, and Eliana makes many genuine attempts to play with her. Eliana's favorite game is to suddenly rush at Meron and give her a big hug. Unfortunately, from an observer's standpoint, it looks more like a tackle, and the poor baby nearly always ends up on her back with a preschooler on top of her, looking more than a little discombobulated.

Meron slept through the night last night, and napped on a regular schedule today, waking up after an hour or so. I think she has officially (and so quickly!) adjusted to the time difference. I am amazed and grateful that she was able to adapt so quickly. She fussed a couple of times during the night, but all I had to do was put my hand on her back and she quieted down. She is a noisy and busy sleeper, moving a lot and making little noises periodically. I wear ear plugs at night now, but it's way better than having to get up for the day at 3am.

So far, I am really enjoying parenting a baby, and I could not have said that with my first, which leaves me feeling sad and a bit guilty. I have no idea what role hormones and first-time parent cluelessness played in my difficulties dealing with Baby Eliana, but so far anyway, parenting a baby like Meron has been much more enjoyable. It took me about 3 days to adjust, whereas with Eliana it took, oh, about 9 months. With my first child, I was always stressed out, always worried about when and for how long she would sleep, when and how I was going to eat my lunch, when and how I would ever piece together more than 5 hours of sleep, and whether life would feel enjoyable again. Yes, it really felt that dire for a few of those early months. I guess I'll just have to pay for Eliana's future therapy sessions, when she realizes just how much she and I traumatized each other during that first year, and try to keep the "you were never this easy" comments to myself.

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