Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where there's smoke (or elevated liver enzymes) there's fire (or gallstones)

Yup, I have gallstones. Twins, and apparently they are somewhat on the large side. And I also probably have gallbladder disease. Could be worse, right? It could have been cancer. Of course, it could be better. It could have been nothing. But at least this a) explains much of the pain I've been experiencing for the last year and a half, and b) explains the liver enzyme elevation. It also comes with a simple cure - you just take the damn thing out. And by thing I mean the gallbladder. And therein lies the down side. It's looking like I will need surgery. Most likely it will be laparoscopic (I really hope my history of c-section doesn't complicate that), and then it only takes a few days to recover. It also means a day surgery situation, although I have to say that an excuse to get away from the house for a few days, have people waiting on me hand and foot, wouldn't have been the worst news ever....

I'm feeling OK about it. Probably because it really could have been worse. Honestly, it's not great news because I really don't need surgery right now, thanks. We kind of have our plates full at the moment, and I have a rapidly expanding baby to lug around, which won't be possible for a few days post-surgery.

But I'm probably not going to die, and that's a really big deal.

Speaking of baby, I promise I will post more pictures and write about her progress soon. In brief, she's humungous. Or maybe I should use the newly Webster-ized term, ginormous. How do you spell that, anyway? Anyway, the kid is big. She's chunkalicious.

Eliana loves pre-school and continues to be the world's best big sister.

I promise to write more later. Now it's off to bed for some Harry Potter before sleep overtakes me. Thanks to all of you who expressed your concern and sent me positive thoughts and prayers.

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