Tuesday, October 16, 2007

An update

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we've ordered a new computer, and my goal is to regularly post once we have the new one ordered. My apologies for the delay in updates, but it's hard to write when you don't have a computer. Goes without saying, huh?

The girls are fantastic. Meron's finally crawling, Eliana acts more like a teenager than a preschooler, and I love them both more than I can stand. My career continues to take unexpected turns. Our house remains on the market, and will likely do so until Spring. People are holding fire sales on their houses right about now, and we're just not willing to discount it below what we feel is reasonable. It's one thing to acknowledge a struggling housing market. It's quite another to discount your house to 20th century prices. My surgery is still up in the air, and we'll be moving to the new house within a couple of weeks. We saw King Lear starring Sir Ian McKellan, and it was "bloody fantastic," to quote our Irish-born friend, Maz.

So there's the brief update. I'll write more, with pictures (as soon as we purchase our replacement camera - sigh) as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

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