Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Smart kid

Eliana scares me with her brain. I know, all kids are smart. And I don't think Eliana is a genius who will, you know, need to attend a special school in Arizona or skip 3 grades in order to stay challenged in school. But she has a mind that causes me to worry about our future. With increasing frequency, I'm thinking boarding school sounds like a great option. Why parent yourself, when you can outsource it to the pros?

What scares me is her ability to come up with reasons why she should get her way. Her ability to manipulate a situation in her favor is uncanny. Example: She was sleeping over at her friend Emi's house, and was pretty set on sleeping in the inflatable bed she brought along. Emi's mother, however, thought the two girls would just sleep in the guest bed. Eliana said no, so Emi's mom said, "Why don't you give it 10 minutes and then see how it goes. I think you'll find the bed is pretty comfortable." Ten minutes later, Eliana comes strolling out and tells Glenda "the bed is hurting my legs. I need to sleep in the other bed." Now, what is Glenda going to say to that? No, I guess your legs will just have to hurt? Of course not. Eliana wins.

The other night, Eliana and I were reading one of the books in the Olivia series. Earlier that day, we had had some disciplinary issues and Eliana ended up in a time out. But by bedtime, I thought it was all water under the bridge. So as we page through the book, we come upon a picture of Olivia and her mom building a huge skyscraper sand castle. "Can you build a sand castle like that, Mom?" she asks, sweetly and innocently. "No, I can't, sweetheart," I reply, suspecting nothing. "Yeah," she says, "You'd have to be a smart mom, who doesn't get mad at her daughter." What, exactly, does one do with that?

My last story before I go to bed is about feeling old. This past weekend, for reasons I won't go into, I taught Eliana the chorus for the early '80's tune, "Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend," by Loverboy. Again, I won't go into details, but it involved a headband Eliana insisted on wearing that morning. She learned the song, it was hilarious, so I told her I'd take her out for ice cream if she sang it for her preschool teacher. Monday evening, she tells me that, sure enough, she performed it for her teacher. "So," I ask, "what did she say?" "She laughed," replied Eliana, "and then she said that I should show it to her mama because her mama would like it a lot." And there it is. My preschool teacher wasn't even born when the song came out, but her mother would sure appreciate the humor.

On that note, it's after 10pm and my aching back and sore feet need to get into bed. I've taken my Geritol, had my tea, and dang it if my knee isn't telling me we're going to get snow tomorrow.

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