Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eliana: preschooler, dancer, total diva

I'm going to put this on record, because surely my friends and family will not believe me later on when my predictions come true: I did not - I repeat, DID NOT - encourage Eliana to be a performer. I have never pushed her toward dancing or acting, and have never encouraged her to be a total upstager. I have never rewarded her exhibitionist behavior, and have never punished her for not performing on command. And yet, mark my words, this kid is headed toward show business, whether I take her there myself or she bikes herself to the nearest theatre to audition.

The other evening Eliana and I went to a small theatre where several local acts were performing 10-minute samples. I knew she would enjoy the ballet school performance, and hoped she might enjoy watching the Suzuki guitar players (kids) and maybe the magician. Sure enough, she thought it was all pretty great, including the host of the event - a goofy amateur comedian who made very funny faces. While we adults found him a smidge off-target, Eliana thought he was a laugh riot. Of course, he appreciated having a little fan sitting right on the aisle close to the stage, so we weren't 5 minutes into the show before the whole audience knew her name. To make a long story short, by the end of the show, the cheesy country-western patiotic lounge singer had invited Eliana up to the stage with her, most likely because Eliana had been upstaging the poor woman by shaking her groove thing next to her seat like she was at a Hannah Montana concert. Eliana loved being on stage. She was appropriately subdued (she chose to march along to the woman's song, don't ask me where that inspiration came from), but hardly scared.

As we were leaving the theatre, Eliana turned to me and said, "I really loved being on the stage, Mom! That was great!!" She was so wired for the next hour or so, bouncing off the walls and talking about her stage debut without so much as pausing to take a breath, I knew she had been bitten by the stage bug. Not sure what I'm going to do about it, but there's no question there is a part of her that is seriously drawn to performance.

I just wish I had some idea where she got it from.....

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