Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Spring!!

Latest quotable quote from my eldest: "Mom, I ate too much at breakfast. I have a feast in my tummy; a colony of food."

Another good one: "Dad, I won't be able to turn you into a king for two whiles." In other words, Eliana figures that if you can say, "I'll do it in a while," that must mean taking longer than that requires "two whiles." I plan to use it at work ("I won't be able to get that report written for two whiles," or "It'll be a lot of whiles before I'm able to do a simulation at 11:30pm for the India office.").
On another note, it's Spring!! Yay!! We kicked it off with an earlier than usual March Easter, complete with freezing cold wind and lots of snow. But that didn't stop us from having a lovely morning full of Easter eggs, pretty dresses, and happy family time. Well, most of us were happy:

In case you're curious, here's the deal: I can never get my two girls to smile for the same picture at the same time. It's logistically impossible. Either Eliana is smiling while Meron looks devastated or furious, or Meron is smiling and Eliana looks like she will be taking the short bus to school in the fall (I just delete those pictures, so I have nothing to show you as evidence). Separately, though, they are quite the photogenic pair, so maybe they just aren't interested in sharing the spotlight.

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