Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update, long overdue

I want to apologize for the loooooooong delay in posting. I have a good excuse, though: Paul and I are starting a business. So between working full-time, taking care of two children, and starting a new business....well, I'm sure you can understand how updating my blog has been pushed to the backburner. But on the bright side, we're starting a business! Can you even believe how crazy we are?! Just when you think I can't possibly outdo myself in the contest for Most Insane Woman Ever, when it seems like I may have finally settled down and committed to a normal, boring life, I dream this up. But when you finally learn just how brilliant and amazing our business is going to be, you will understand why I have been up every night until 11pm putting this together. Unfortunately, it would be a poor business decision to splash our business plan all over the Internet (OK, so I get that this blog does not equal "all over the Internet," but still, you never know who's out there). However, if you happen to have my contact information, and you're dying to know what I'm up to, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email.

In other non-kiddie-related news....well, peripherally it's totally kiddie-related....I have big, fat ADD. Yup. Apparently, I've had it my whole life. 35 years of undiagnosed, untreated ADD. And yes, I know, I've managed to do pretty well in life, considering. But now that I'm medicated, and know what I'm dealing with, I can't help but wonder how life would have been different had I known, had anybody known. You see, I also have signs of chronic anxiety (I got to do a qEEG as part of my psych testing), chronic jaw tension, and chronic over-functioning. In other words, I have probably compensated for the ADD by trying so hard I've tried myself into a neurotic ball of tension. Let me share just this little piece of data: The bizillion hours of testing they put me through found that my ability to sustain attention and focus on both visual and auditory stimuli is in the <1%,>99%. In other words, I am willing to try and try and try and try and try and try, even if I'm getting nowhere. In which case I apparently keep trying. I won't go on ad nauseum about this, but it hit me pretty hard to have the last 35 years of my life summed up in a bunch of numbers and diagnoses. I guess I can relate to my patients a little better now.

If you're wondering how this related to the kiddies - or rather, the kiddie - it would appear that Eliana has inherited some of my genes. The doctor who assessed me described what the same traits would look like in a young child, and it was as if he had spent hours on end with Eliana. Now, we're not exactly about to diagnose the kid before she's even entered kindergarten, but had you been there, hearing what the doctor said ADD coupled with anxiety coupled with a very high IQ would look like in a 4-year-old, you would see no difference between his description and our offspring. So at the very least we will need to keep that in mind as we make choices like schools and such for our bright, active, hypervigilant little person.

I hope you've enjoyed your update. Maybe not what you expected, huh?


Dacks said...

good luck with your business!

DC said...

I have been lurking on your blog for months and you are such an inspiration! Meron and Eliana are adorable!!

I also suffer from a chronic illness and am afraid how this may affect my ability to parent. I finally started my own blog so, for more details, please check it out at:


DC said...

I added you to my blogroll. I hope you don't mind. :)