Wednesday, October 15, 2008

News and a question

So much going on!! So, so, so much going on!! I'm thrilled to say the business is growing like a big organic weed. Well, I guess right now it's still a little organic weed, but it's growing quickly and we couldn't be more excited! Or more tired! This Saturday I will be on everything green radio (, which broadcasts on an AM radio station here in the Twin Cities, but the specifics escape me at the moment. I'll try and remember to post it as we get closer to Saturday. The following Saturday I will be on ShopGirls on 107.1, a fabulous mainstream show that covers everything that is big in the fashion and beauty scene, but locally and nationally. The two hosts are way cooler than me and I am thrilled to get to hand out with them in the studio for a couple of hours!! I will be talking green beauty and am so excited I can barely stand it. Those are just two of the highlights. For more information, you can always go to the Nature of Beauty blog, which you can access through the website, or at

OK, now for a question. This has nothing to do with me or my family, but I want to put it out there, because I need to figure this out. What is the deal with people getting mad when you talk on your cell phone in a coffee shop? Is this just about people being pissy about the whole cell phone revolution in general? I don't think I talk louder when I'm on the phone than when I'm talking to a friend, although maybe that's not true. SO maybe I need to watch myself. But I'm here in a coffee shop, I'm surrounded by noisy women chatting about their lives, and a noisy toddler chatting about whatever is shiny enough to catch his attention, and yet the grumpy old man in the corny singles me out to stop talking on my cell phone. This happened last week, too, and the same hippie coffee shop I go to when I have to take our Suburu in to get repaired (which has been way too frequent as of late). Some lady told me that it was rude to talk on the phone in the coffee shop. I don't get it. This isn't the library. Is it more rude to talk when my fellow customers can't hear someone talking back to me? Does the brain register one-way conversations differently? Do people want the coffee shop to be a library with espresso? Or maybe we still tend to talk louder on the cell phone, due to those early years when a call to someone a block away had the clarity one would expect from calling Siberia.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Cell phone use in coffee shops: OK? Rude?

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